20 Computer Science Topics for Your Research Paper

dia mundial da internetChoosing a research paper topic often turns into a stumbling block for computer science students. After all, not only is it an enormous field of study in and of itself, but it had entered virtually every aspect of our lives as well during the last several decades. The times when computer science had existed in an ivory tower of isolation from the world, only being relevant for a small group of scientists and narrow specialists, are long past.

This, however, brings problems of its own. A student trying to decide on the line of research has virtually no limitations – and, as usual, such vast freedom of choice often breeds paralysis and indecision. If you want to amount to anything in modern science, you have to specialize in something. Here we have prepared a number of computer science essay topics you can use in your essays as is, or as a basis for your own topic. Let’s hope they will give you an idea of how you can pinpoint an interesting and promising subject for your own studies.

  1. Domain-based Data Acquisition and Text Mining
  2. Multi-Agent Systems and Their Logical Implementation
  3. Practical Implementation of Constraint Programming
  4. Theory and Practice of Information Extraction and Retrieval
  5. Use of Cloud Resources in Large-Scale Data Mining Problems
  6. Problems of Preserving Privacy in Conjunction with Data Mining
  7. Adaptive Machine-Learning Mechanisms Based on Human-Machine Interaction
  8. Solving Ranking Problems using Gradient Boosting and Classification
  9. Certifying Algorithms and Their Practical Use
  10. Basic Principles of Computational Photography
  11. Renaming Problem in Shared Memory Systems
  12. Content-Based Image Retrieval
  13. Internet Traffic Measurement, Statistical Analysis and Their Implications
  14. Algorithms of Textual Data Compression
  15. Distributed Data Clustering
  16. Effective Search Tools for Peer-to-Peer Networks
  17. Critical Analysis of Methods Used by Phishing Websites
  18. Bug Finding by Means of Automated Theorem Proving
  19. Digital Democracy and Free Speech
  20. Human-Computer Interaction and Natural Language Processing

As you may see, these computer science essay topics are dramatically different. Some deal with very specific and narrow practical problems lying before computer sciences. Others concentrate on implementation of certain principles in the world at large. Still others are concerned with the influence of technology generated by computer science on various aspects of human existence, such as political movements and the ability to freely express one’s views.

All this serves to demonstrate one thing: computer science is an incredibly wide field of study, covering not only things that are traditionally associated with it, but processes, principles and concepts seemingly well outside the obvious scope of its implementation. As a computer science student, you have an entire world of research and work at your disposal – you are free to choose whatever you like.

In the years to come this fundamental interconnectedness of computer science with all areas of human existence is bound to grow even stronger – which in and of itself serves as yet another promising direction of study.

But right now you have these topics to use for research and guidance – so good luck!

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