How to Communicate Clearly the Paper Topics to Academic Writers: Wanted Tips

smaugIn your academic life, there are situations when you require help with your writing assignments. The lack of time or particular writing skills can make you disappointed and, in this case, you are going to create an “academic writers wanted” paper. Most surely, you want to do this as soon as possible and avoid any revision.

The first thing to know when it comes to searching academic assistance is: in order to have the paper written as you have pictured it in your mind, you have to provide your potential writer with detailed instructions. While it sounds like a job to do, it can be done very easily. Just follow the steps below.

Fill out the Order Form

Many academic help websites have already taken care of you by offering an advanced order form that you just need to fill out. It includes the most important information about your paper: the subject, topic (if you have one in mind), academic level, format, number of pages, deadline, and so on.

Communicate the Topic Clearly

If you know what the topic should be, then be particular about it. Narrow it down and formulate it for your writer. The more specific the topic, the better the outcome.

Tell Your Potential Writer about the Desired Structure

If you have an idea how your paper should look like, communicate this to the academic writer. While the “introduction-body-conclusion” organization is self-evident, tell what you want to see in these three parts.

The Style Is Important

You might have already written a couple of papers and know your style. Or, you know your audience like no one else does. It will be great if you can specify the style in which you want your paper be written, more academic, academic but also friendly, elaborate, simple, or maybe something else.

List Your Professor’s Instructions

Most of the paper assignments come with certain requirements. List them in the comment section of the order or attach a document for the writer to get acquainted with them.

State the Goals

Is it an argumentative essay? A narrative? A research paper? Does the text need to inform the reader or convince him/her? Or is it an analytical assignment? Which actions do you want your audience to take after reading the paper? While this may seem too advanced, it is essential for crafting the right paper.

Specify the Sources

Don’t forget about this aspect. Which sources should your writer reference? Is there a particular timeframe for those? Is there a particular source that you want to be used? Are there any restrictions regarding the types of the sources? Mentioning these things would be great and will help the writer to create the paper you would like to see.

No matter what the reason for ordering the paper is, you want to be sure that your paper is perfect. Thus, you have to dwell upon all the requirements due to your assignment to the writer. It should go beyond filling out the order form. It concerns the particular topic of your paper, its specific goals, the use of sources, author’s style, along with many other things. All in all, before you get a sophisticated piece that fully matches your and your readers’ expectations, your job is to provide its sketch.

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