How to Choose the Most Suitable Online Academic Writing Course for You

dean winchesterYou probably know that when you are a college or university student, there is a whole lot of writing assignments ahead of you. The problem is, you rarely have a special academic writing course in your program. You can either learn on your own or use the available resources, such as style guides and manuals. Alternatively, you can spend just some of your time to attend an online writing course. In the end, it might be much more efficient or rewarding than learning this by yourself. But before you start it, make sure you’ve chosen the right course.

So, below is our list of tips on how to choose a good academic writing course.

1. Check out the Courses Provided by Your University

Nowadays, most colleges offer a number of online courses. The first thing you’ll probably want to do is to check whether your university has any available courses on academic writing. They do not require much of your time, and you can attend them in your spare time. So, don’t be shy to ask your professor or check the university’s website.

2. Visit the Most Trustworthy eLearning Platforms

There are universal online eLearning platforms where students all over the world can choose a course and finish it.  Some even offer a certificate upon completion. Go search for “academic writing” on Coursera, Khan Academy, Udemy, or Lynda.

3. Read Users’ Reviews and Pay Attention to the Disadvantages

Make sure you have picked at least several courses. Now you’ll need to choose from them. After you’ve done your search, do a research and see the students’ comments and reviews. They will help you decide on which academic writing course is the best for you. Analyze the benefits and also the disadvantages, pay close attention to the negative reviews.

4. Closely Study the Program of the Course

What’s more, make certain you’ve studied the course program. Does it cover all the issues that you need to know? Does the course answer all your questions on academic writing? Will you need to take another course next year, or is the current one sufficient?

5. Consider the Price of the Course

How much does the course cost? Is the price within your budget? You can always go with an option to attend an online course for free. For example, when you enroll into a course on Coursera, then you can take it for free, unless you want a certificate. But in most cases, you don’t need one.

6. General Courses vs Specific Courses

Finally, there are general writing courses as well as specific ones, for example, academic writing for history students or science students. If you find the one that goes perfectly with your specialization, then we suggest that you take it.

Finding a good course in academic writing and attending it can save you from a lot of trouble. You should remember that you’ll be doing writing assignments not only during the first year, but throughout your entire studies. Completing a proper guided course on it will help you ensure the best grades.

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