DoMy Network: What Is It?

DoMy Network embodies the new concept of custom writing services. It consists of multiple websites (for example, DoMyEssays, DoMyThesis, DoMyHomeworks and etc.), and each of them offers specifialized services in the field of academic writing. Thanks to such system every customer has a possibility to get his order done by specialists with relevant skills, experience and academic degree.

What Can Students Order on the Websites of DoMy Network?

Our custom writing company offers various services in the field of academic writing: one could order essays, term papers, speeches, homework, dissertations and other types of assignments here. The authors provide customers with academic paper writing samples on the chosen topic. They accomplish all the necessary research, write the task itself and provide the customer with the list of resources. The customer can utilize the product the way he wants, however, the company doesn’t encourage academic dishonesty – our main goals are to provide necessary academic assistance and texts, which are to be used as writing samples and guides.

What Is so Special about DoMy Network?

There are several things that make DoMy Network a very special phenomenon among other custom writing services.

GRADE Excellence Formula. Every order, taken by an author on one of the websites that belongs to DoMy Network, gets written according to GRADE standards. GRADE stands for growth, reliability, authenticity, diversity and excellence. These values are the basis of DoMy Network functioning. According to GRADE standards, the company encourages academic and professional growth of both customers and employees (for example, it launched a 3-month Mentorship Training Program for the authors in order for them to improve their writing skills). The company is reliable – it takes care of each customer’s request and guarantees qualitatively written, formatted and referenced paper as a result of cooperation between the client and the writer. In more than 95% of all cases the orders are delivered on time. There’s not a single possibility to find copy-paste within the order, because every paper, provided by DoMy Network’s writers, is written from scratch and checked for plagiarism. In order to be able to fulfill customers’ requests, taking in account their cultural background and geographical location, DoMy Network hires academic writers from different continents. And finally – all writers need to improve their skills to reach excellence standards, when completing an order.

3 Main Guarantees. Every single custom writing service in DoMy Network gives customers 4 solid promises:

  • to give the money back in particular situations. The revision in case the client finds errors within the completed order (fortunately, this guarantee remains unclaimed in most cases);
  • to deliver writing samples with no plagiarism. Every order is checked before it gets delivered to the customer – this way every client may be absolutely sure that the paper he gets is plagiarism-free;
  • to secure customer privacy. No one will get client’s private information, it is confidential during the cooperation with the custom writing service and remains so after a client gets his paper.

DoMy Network consists of a dozen of custom writing websites with different specializations. Each of the websites is dedicated to a particular academic writing form. Thanks to this structure the client may cooperate with writers that have significant experience of working on a specific type of writing assignments. This state of things is one of the reasons why DoMy Network provides customers with qualitative writing samples.

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