Our Writers

Through utilizing a team of qualified and dedicated writers, we do our best to meet all the requirements of our clients. Furthermore, we constantly strive to improve our services.

We hire our writers by:

  • Checking their knowledge of written English.
  • Making certain they are familiar with various formatting styles (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard).
  • Determining their effectiveness in completing tasks on various topics and at various academic levels.

In addition, we motivate our writers to work to their fullest potential. Twice a month, our Quality Assurance Department checks each writer's work written over a period of two weeks. We pay attention to our writers' rating provided by customers, the number of returning customers, and the writers’ preferred disciplines. This enables us to understand how best to help our writers continue to develop their skills and increase their levels of proficiency.

We hire writers from all over the world. They have various interests and approaches to work; each is unique in his own way. That's what makes our team diverse, thus making it possible for every customer to find a writer that fully satisfies his or her needs.

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